Most americans never interact with the men & women who keep them safe

We want to change that. This holiday season, we’re introducing you to just a few of the incredible heroes we’ve come to know.

SFC Jared Bullock

“Honestly, the most difficult part was, after investing so much time and training for that level in special operations, my career was over in a few seconds. You start thinking, ‘How will I provide for my family? What kind of husband can I be?’ But the house you built for us knocks down the obstacles most people wouldn’t think about. I don’t have to worry about limitations or disadvantages. ”

We proudly built a specially adapted smart home for Jared and his family through our R.I.S.E. program.

jared is one of more than 52,500 heroes living with physical wounds from the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan

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Willis Hardy

“Willis Hardy, nicknamed 'Medals', enlisted in the US Navy in 1939. As a naval aviator, he was assigned to the 'Jolly Rogers' flying F6C Hellcats aboard the USS Hornet. He saw combat off Iwo Jima, attacked the Japanese home islands, and saw combat in Okinawa where he became an 'ace in a day'. He ended the war with 6.5 confirmed kills and remained in the US Navy until 1959. ”

Willis joined us for a Soaring Valor experience in July 2017. He passed away two months later. “It was just wonderful,” his wife told us, “he so enjoyed it.”

Every day 362 WWII veterans pass away. Fewer than 558,000 are still with us.

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Wyatt Cifka

“I didn’t like the old house but I like this house the most. My favorite part is the loft and that daddy and I can play together on my new playground. ”

Wyatt’s father, US Army Staff Sgt. Lucas Cifka, is a double amputee veteran. Through our R.I.S.E. program, we built a specially adapted smart home suited to his needs that improved life for the whole family.

More than 2 million American children have coped with a parent going to the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan.

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Linda Lake

“My husband died defending our country. Everything changed in that instant and I’ve been an emotional mess trying to adapt to life without him. However, I am grateful to discover I’m not the only one. Being around the other spouses dealing with similar situations allows me to be myself, laugh, and express how I feel. I have a great network of friends through these ladies. ”

Linda and 23 other Gold Star spouses joined us for a Hollywood Adventure through our Relief & Resiliency program.

More than 6,000 U.S. service members have died in the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan.

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